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    Hello everyone,
    I am doing my mater's in computer science.I have 2 questions.

    1. I have used my 8 months of CPT. Still 4 months remaining to complete my 12 months of CPT. My international coordinator said If I used full 12 months of CPT , OPT will be automatically denied. In that case if I used 11 months 15 days of CPT will there be a problem for getting OPT (Pre completion or Post completion)?

    2. I have one course and one project to graduate the mater's degree. Am I eligible for Pre Completion OPT?


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      Your message was posted as anonymous on Facebook wall- (July 17th)


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        Answer for 1)If you have 12 months or more of full-time CPT, you are ineligible for OPT, but part-time CPT is fine and will not stop you from doing OPT.

        Answer for 2) If you chooses to engage in pre-completion OPT, you may not work more than 20 hours per week while school is in session, but may work full-time during your annual vacation and other times when the school is not in session. If you engages in pre-completion OPT, your eligible period of post-completion OPT will be reduced by 1 month for every 2 months of part-time pre-completion OPT that is worked when you graduates.

        Good Luck.


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          You are eligible and dont let it cross 11 months just to be on the same side... if its a full timee cpt, sometimes your opt period decreases by half the amount of time you are on full time cpt.. but again it depends on the uscis guys presence of mind..


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            1If they issued less than an yr then no problem .
            2 it is up to. U r school contact u r dso ..


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              I used 363 days of my CPT period. I don't have any issues with my OPT.
              2. You are eligible to apply for pre-OPT if your school agrees for that. But on a pre-OPT your work hours should be limited to 20 hours only when you have class sessions running. During annual vacation you can work for 40 hours a week.


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                If you use OPT for 1 year, you are not eligible for STEM extension.


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                  My bad... If you use CPT for 12 months or more, you are NOT eligible for OPT***


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                    Dont use max time, Just in case if you need it most make sure go for a part time CPT. I recommend to give a gap of at least 30 days. Good Luck