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i20 expired - University not allowing to apply for OPT after reinstatement

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  • i20 expired - University not allowing to apply for OPT after reinstatement

    I am currently pursuing my masters degree in computer science. A month back my i20 expired and I somehow missed the notification from DSO.
    Now they are telling me that I have to file for reinstatement but even if my i 20 gets reinstated, I wont be allowed to apply for OPT for this i20. I have to enroll in a new degree program and complete 1 full year on campus and after that I'll be able to apply for OPT on this new i20.

    I researched on my own on this and found links on other university's website like these:

    on page 4 it clearly states that I can apply for OPT if my i20 gets reinstated.

    I showed my DSO this document but they said that they have their own policies and thats how they have interpreted the law. I couldn't find anything on USCIS's website regarding this.

    I am so confused right now as what to do next, my whole career is at stake. Please help me on this matter. Is it true what my university is saying? If not then what official document can i show them?


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      Your message was posted as anonymous on Facebook wall- (July 3rd)


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        It really does not matter whether your I20 has expired or not !! They can always renew your I20 !!


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          1 yes it up to school to decide about academic y r ..
          3 yes they have that ryt to deny it .. As of now law gave some permissions to school ..


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            No mater what the law is about F1 privileges at the end school should support your request.


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              Yes you should follow ur DSO they have their own set of rules


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                Please talk strictly to your dso and that is not you mistake and they can change it they can submit a request to reset things back to normal or talk to a lawyer who can defend your case


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                  One of my friend had a same problem.. He waited for reinstatement it takes 30-45 days.. He took some extra course and graduated for next semester mean while he got his i20 and applied for OPT ..


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                    Another reason for schools to extort money in the name of reinstatement , consulting good immigration lawyer may work you can always try if it is cheaper