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  • OPT processing time in California Center

    Hello All,

    I sent all my documents to USCIS(California Service Center) to apply for an OPT and received e-mail and text with a receipt number yesterday. I am now in initial review stage. On my newly issued I-20 for an OPT, the date starts from September 2, 2014 to September 1, 2015.

    I already have a job offer and they want me to start working in the first week of September. I know that it could take up to 90 days to get an OPT.

    My concerns are
    1. What if I don't get any responses from USCIS until end of August? If I don't hear anything from them until later in August, [U]when can I expedite my case[/U]?

    2. Does anyone applied through California Services Center and still waiting for an EAD card? When did you submit your application?

    One more thing:
    I entered into U.S. as a B-1 Visitor and my mom changed her status to F-1. I was her dependent as F-2 about 2 years and then I also changed my status to F-1 when I went to college.

    When I applied for an OPT, I attached the I-20s from F-2 status years as well because my school international advisor told me to do so.

    I am concerned that I missed one I-20 from 2008 to 2009 when I was in F-2 status, but I submitted all I-20s from my college years.
    Does anyone get RFE because of missing I-20s from the previous status? Please help!

    Thanks in advance.
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      Your message was posted as anonymous on Facebook wall- (July 4th)


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        1. Only after 90 days processing time
        3. It depends


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          You can place a request to expedite your application with your offer letter, but in most cases offer letter alone will not suffice to support your request.
          (Depends on the officer though)

          USCIS will expedite OPT applications mostly if the offer will be rescinded after a specific date, which you have to get a letter from your employer.


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            USCIS is messing huge this time,many applicants going beyond 90 days time frame.


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              Are you serious abt the OPT processing time frame going beyond 90 days....??
              I had sent the OPT packet on June 9th. Received by Nebraska Center on June 12th.