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    I graduated in may 05 2014. My OPT start date in June 24 2014. I joined in a consultancy On 24 June. They gave me a offer letter saying that as an software Engineer Intern and in the offer letter they mentioned as my compensation is $1000 per month and will not be eligible for paid leaves, health insurance and others company befits. With this offer letter can i travel to India on Aug 1 to Aug 20. I am going to attend my cousin marriage. so will it be safe to travel.

    When i come back on Aug 20 in the immigration will they be any problem as it is $1000 pay.

    Can you help me with this?

    Can you tell me what all documents are required to travel?
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      Your message was posted as anonymous on Facebook wall- (July 3rd)


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        1. No Problem, OPT can be unpaid as well.
        2. Passport with Valid Visa, EAD card, I20's signed by DSO, Offer letter from your company, your education certificates, Paychecks(if you have any)


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          1 not a problem as long as they pay minimum wage set by law ..
          2 passport ,valid visa ,i20 ,ead card , employment verification


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            1) find out prevailing wages , opt can be unpaid however , in latest trend uscis has been denying application on basis of missing pay stubs , you must have stubs , in order to prove your status , however its different story if payment meets prevailing wages of work location that could be ground for denial of work visa
            2) for re-entry you need your i20 signed by your DSO within last 6 mth , your recent pay stubs your offer letter and your EAD card and obviously your passport


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              Thank you but it is not a minimum wage. act min wage is 7.25 to 7.50 the state which i am living.