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Risky to get Married during OPT?

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  • Risky to get Married during OPT?

    Hi, I needed your help in a matter. I entered my master's program in NYC in Pharmacology in Fall 2012. I expect to graduate in December 2014. My visa, F1, is valid till Fall 2017. However, I plan to get married next summer (2015) and bring my wife here. At that time, I could be on OPT.

    1. What is your opinion about this? Is it too risky to go, even though I have a visa till 2017? Kindly reply.

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    Validity of Visa has nothing to do with it. Yes you can get married and get your wife with you on F2 Visa. All you need is a dependent to be mentioned on your I-20. Your are eligible to stay in the US as long as you maintain your F-1 status or change your status to H1B. For this reason on your POE your I-94 has duration of stay as D/S. As soon as your F-1 status expires you have to depart US within 2 months irrespective of your visa validity.


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      No worries your wife will be your dependent visa that is f2