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I did 361 days long CPT and DSO says I may not be eligible for OPT ! Is it possible??

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  • I did 361 days long CPT and DSO says I may not be eligible for OPT ! Is it possible??

    My Designated School Official (DSO) in 2012 told me that as long as my CPT is less than 365 days I am ok for OPT. So I did my OPT for 361 days and my DSO said you won't have any problem with OPT when she approved my CPT paper work in 2012.

    Now after two years I have new DSO at school and she says my OPT may not get approved because I have run very close to the maximum CPT days limit to be eligible for OPT. I am wondering if anybody else ever had issue like this? Please let me know if you have any insight about this issue. Thanks!

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      Your message was posted as anonymous on Facebook wall- (June 25th)


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        If you used CPT for less than 365 days, you are eligible for OPT


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          One complete year of CPT voids OPT. This one year =365 days. 2 semesters are not counted as 1 year. It has to be exaclty 365 days. In your case, since you did for less than 365 days you should not have any problem. Calculate the no. of days on your CPT endorsed I-20s.


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            If you have full-time CPT less than 365 days, you are fine. Part-time CPTs you can do more than a year and it will not affect OPT.


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              Whoever said CPT can be done for 2 academic semesters provide proof for what you just said.

              " The time you spend in full time curricular practical training will not be deducted from the twelve months of allowable optional practical training UNLESS you use 12 months or more of full-time curricular practical training."


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                Can anyone tell me whats the max duration of working on cpt??
                My university told me that we can take work how much time we want.......


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                  may i ask if i do cpt in last semester of my course for 3 months, will i get opt after completing the course?