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  • STEM-OPT status update

    I have applied for my STEM OPT extension on 28th March 2014. My OPT ends on 14th of July 2014. When I checked my status today it says [B]"On June 11, 2014, your Alien Registration Number was changed relating to your I765, APPLICATION FOR EMPLOYMENT AUTHORIZATION. Please check our website at for further updates on your case. "[/B] Can anyone tell me what this exactly means? My employers is asking me for updates ASAP if I will be getting the extension or not? Should I call them to expedite my process or should I wait as I still have 4 weeks in hand?

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      Your message was posted as anonymous on Facebook wall- (June 19th)


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        USCIS website clearly states that it usually takes 90 days to process the application. I'd recommend wait until 90 days are completed. Also the status change is usually an error. I too had the same message and my card went into production a month after I got this update. What I've read is this status usually comes up when your OPT or STEM Ext is approved and within a week you should receive your card.

        Also, if you have your I797C notice of action, that makes you eligible to work for next 6 months if your STEM-Ext application is under review. Present a copy of your I797C to your employer. Also, provide him the details (can be found on the USCIS website) that allows you to continue to work for next 6 months until your application is under review. Hope this helps.


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          That i797c notice of action submission is applicable for fresh OPT applicants?


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            Hmm u can work while stem opt is spending.. And u dont need to worry about alien registration number ..
            Wait for some time ..


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              Dude first thing chill out, no need to expedite anything, u still have 1 month left. U can give ur office the status printout and tell them thats its under process and u can still work. Note:- Ur alien reg no has changed , that means ur OPT extension has been approved & In a few days it will jump to Card documentation and u will receive it in a max of 2-3 weeks. I received my Extension card 2 weeks back and i had under been the same situation. So relax and enjoy until u receive ur new card.


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                No worries it is the general message update by uscis mine was also same and in a week it changed to card production


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                  Don't worry