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  • PRE OPT RELATED, Please help

    hello, i wanted to know a few details about pre opt.

    Im a student and I dont qualify for CPT because my department needs a 3.5 gpa for CPT. But due to some financial reasons, I have to work. So do I decided to apply for a pre OPT. My concerns are

    1) If i apply for PRE OPT, will the time be deducted from my POST OPT?

    2) If yes, then will I be eligible for 17 months STEM extension after my masters on my remaining OPT months?

    3) I read that I wont be eligible for CAP GAP, can you tell me what it is?

    4) If there is any other way I can work, what will that be?

    5) Finally I wanted to know if I will be having any problems after my masters, if i go for PRE OPT now.

    Thank you very much

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      Your message was posted as anonymous on Facebook wall- (June 17th)


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        1 yes
        2 yes if u do pre opt less than 12 months ..
        3 even it is single day and u meet cap gap criteria u can eligible for cap gap .
        4 on f1 there no other easy legal way
        5 nope


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          if u work on pre opt, that time will be deducted from your post opt. you will be eligible for stem extension though. if u want to utilize the whole time of post opt, better don't apply for pre opt. you could find any odd job that pays you in cash but finding these kinds of jobs greatly depends on the place where you live.


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            Let me knw the difference btw opt nd cpt


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              For 4) There s something called work outside school in case of extreme financial hardships but you actually need to prove it to your school officials and the whole thing is approved by USCIS. Talk to the ISO at your school for details about this. Chances of getting it are bleak though.