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Will they send a notification after they receive your rfe documents?

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  • Will they send a notification after they receive your rfe documents?


    I have got an RFE for my opt. This is my first time applying for OPT. I have sent them the required documents for the RFE. It has been over 15 days since i sent it. I haven't received a notification from them saying they received the documents. Do they usually send acknowledgment after they receive RFE documents? The deadline they gave me to send the rfe documents was May 31st. I sent it to them on the may 8 th. I am worried they haven't sent me anything saying they recieved it. The online application status still shows RFE. How long does this process take?

    I am in a consultancy right now. will i be able to work without my opt card without the payroll being run?

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    Let us know what was the reason for RFE?


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        They needed a recent copy of my I20. As it has exceeded 30 day limit of issuing and i didn't apply within 30 days.


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          Did you send RFE documents with certified return receipt mail?


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            So did u ask international services to issue you a new copy of your I 20?


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              They don't send u any reply once they have received... The status is the same until those documents are cleared the RFE round. they update it very late. So just chill.


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                If u have any tracking number of ur packet .. please check that ur packet reached to USCIS on time...

                In my case, my opt rfe status changed from rfe to intial review and finally post decision activity and if ur packet went to Nebraska then it wil take long time.. approxmately 4-6 weeks and it may extend depends on applications


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