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How long does OPT security check take? What does Alien Registration No.Change mean?

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  • How long does OPT security check take? What does Alien Registration No.Change mean?

    Hi All,

    My application was received by USCIS on March 25th. I have a job offer starting on June 9th, and I placed one expedite on May 16th via phone but no response. I placed another expedite on May 27th via phone too but soon (after 1 hour) I received an email saying my case in on hold due to security check. I am really really worried. Are there any people who are in the same situation? How long does the security check take for you? Is the security check a negative sign for OPT denial?

    Right on May 28th, my case changed status to "Alien Registration No. Change". I searched online, and found so many people got their EAD cards within in 2 days or one week after this status. I am not sure whether I can hope for this. Are there anybody who receive both the security check and the Alien Registration Number Change status?

    Thank you so much. I am worried for my OPT and I really appreciate any input!


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      Your message was posted as anonymous on Facebook wall- (Jun 2nd)


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        2 depends on other agencies ..
        U dont need to worry.. it does not effect as long as u r not a criminal


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          Security check does not mean opt denial.... It is just for their information... As long as you do not have a criminal record you should be good...


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            I also have the similar problem, I got the same email a day ago stating that my security check is pending after I requested to expedite the case, but my status haven't changed to alien number changed. So, I don't know. All these comments made to feel better though. I hope I will get it soon as well.


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              I got this when I expedite and I got my EAD in 1 week also my status changed to alien number changed
              So no need to worry you will wt your EAD soon


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                ts not a problem. They are awaiting the Background check details requested from a 3rd party. They change ur alien number only when they have received all the details and the file is approved and closed. That no gets printed on ur Card when it goes to printing. So Congrats your new card will be in ur hand soon.