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Taxes Question: OPT STEM student working for an Employer.How to get paid without empl

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  • Taxes Question: OPT STEM student working for an Employer.How to get paid without empl

    These are my options-
    1. If Employer has to pay me on W2, he is saying that he has to withheld my taxes and i will be paid around $XXX (LESS Taxes) in total. I could get my taxes back after the end of year.
    2. The other option he is suggesting me that he could pay me as independent contractor and he wont be with holding my taxes.
    I am not sure whether this is a right way or not.
    In simple I would like to ask someone here, how could I be paid without the employer with-holding my taxes, still maintaining my status?

    This was posted on on April 5th 2013

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    I dont suggest messing up with IRS, just pay the tax to the government if you make money, like everybody do


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      Whether or not taxes are withheld, you still owe them. You should check with a tax advisor. Keep in mind, there are other consequences when you are not an "employee". For example, you may not be eligible for benefits "employees" are eligible for or you might not be protected under employment laws that seek to protect "employees".


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        If your employer does not withold taxes on your W-2 still you would have to report the same to IRS on Form 1040, independent contractor means you will be liable for SE taxes !!


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          As an independent contractor you will have to pay more tax than as an employee at the end of the year. And you won't get many benefits. This is what I learned in my tax class.


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            It's simple you make money and pay taxes, if in future IRS finds out that you hav not paid taxes than u will have to pay tax plus penalty has happened to one of my frnd !!!!