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Need Checklist for applying 17-Months Opt extension if not graduated from school ?

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  • Need Checklist for applying 17-Months Opt extension if not graduated from school ?

    Hi All,

    I have a question, Currently I am in OPT(First), Not graduated from the school ("Master Project not completed"). Can i apply for 17-Months Opt Extension even if i'm not graduated from the school ? My first opt is going to be expires in a month. Could anybody help me what are the documents do i need to send to USCIS. Everybody will send the Diploma to USCIS. In my case what do i need to do.


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        Talk to u r dso .. U can apply with grad only if Thesis or equivalent is pending ..


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          News Alert: OPT STEM Extension possible without completing Thesis:

          News Alert: OPT STEM Extension possible without completing Thesis - Blogs - DesiOPT OPT/CPT Forums

          News Alert: OPT STEM Extension possible without completing Thesis DesiOPTForumAdmin


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            I dont think so. You need to complete your MS Project before the end of ur 12 month opt


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              If you are a Masters student, still pending on your Masters Thesis, or Project defence, you are still eligible for OPT STEM extension. Best example: myself. I have my Masters project pending as of my 1st opt end date i.e Feb 5th. and i had applied for opt stem on feb 1st with my current official scool transcript and a letter from your grad/int scool stating that this student is pending with his project defence... and is in good standing .. his majors is so soo.. in place of your diploma. this should do your work. me sent feb 1st, opt stem approved april 25th.


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                Can you provide me your contact details. i would like to talk to you regarding this. I am fully scared about my Opt extension process. I hope you will help me in this process.

                Waiting for your reply.

                Thanks in advance.


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                  Hi ,
                  I went to my school and they were asking me a letter format. Can you please provide me a copy of that letter. Please help me on this, I am fully scared about my OPT extension process.

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