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Can OPT Student work as unpaid Intern in California?

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  • Can OPT Student work as unpaid Intern in California?

    I am currently on F1-OPT in california. I was talking to a research lab at Scripps Research Institute, San Diego about working there as an unpaid intern. However, the institute got back to me saying that it was not possible to be an unpaid intern in California, without being a student. I am really surprised, because I have heard so many people volunteer in research institutes while on OPT. Does anyone know about this rule and if this is true? at least in Cal..

    This was posted on on April 5th 2013

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    According to my understanding, Interning is something that one does when he/she is enrolled in school. Volunteering is different.


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      Thanks! but I thought OPT allows a student to an internship (paid/unpaid) despite the fact that the student has graduated. I know this is the general rule, but I am not sure if California laws are different. If any one could clarify whether "interning unpaid" in California is possible, I could make a strong case with the employers, who otherwise are ok with taking me in..