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One credit left- Can I apply for OPT?

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  • One credit left- Can I apply for OPT?

    Currently I am on F1 and I have one question regarding OPT. Is it required to finish all the credits before applying for OPT or I can apply for OPT when my 1 credit is still left. OPT approval takes at most 2 months to be received so in this duration on which status I can work for my employer full time?

    This was posted on on April 6th 2013

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    U can apply before 2 month and after 2 months of your program completion date specified in i20.


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      U can file for opt once u file for "intent to graduate".. Atleast signip for that 1c class then apply or ppt


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        If you haven`t used your CPT fully you can work on that and as you will be taking less than full time course load if eligible for CPT you can work full time. But be careful that you do not finish the 12 months CPT. Meanwhile you can apply for OPT which can start after your graduation/classes..


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          @Raghuram Adiraju is CPT an internship which we can work after first nine months when we are on F1 status in US? And if we complete twelve months of CPT we wont be considered for OPT right?


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            The OPT period starts only after you are done with all the required credits. Before than you can work on CPT, but you have to check your university for the allowed hours on CPT. Generally, it is 20 hours per week except for summers/winters.