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*Need Help* answering "What is your citizenship status"

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  • *Need Help* answering "What is your citizenship status"

    I really need help on this question. How to answer "What is your citizenship status"?? I know there are some jobs like (nuclear power plants) for which the employee must have a security clearance and F1/OPT visa holder cannot get it. I completely understand it. But most of the times the employers ask this question to know the legal work status of candidates. Even after answering, " I am on F1/OPT visa and I am authorized to work for total 29 months (including 12 months OPT + 17 months STEM extension if the company is E-verified)", employers don't seem to be convinced. If anyone has a better answer or experience with answering this one ,please share your experience.

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      EAD Work permit Card


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        depends on what kind of job u r looking for ..


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          It totally depends on the company. Many are specific what employees they are looking for. For instance if a company is looking for a national then they will not even consider Green Card holders.

          As for your query and what many of us faced too is our legal status to work. Usually almost 90% of the employers ask for your work authorization. Most of the times we put in not authorized and require sponsorship. We are authorized to work for 29 months for STEM degrees and 12 months for others. So it is better to put authorized considering OPT will / is approved. Once you get in touch with the required HR personnel you can explain your status and this in many instances will help you pass the criteria of non-consideration based on work authorization.

          Hope it helps..


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            Just tell them. "you dont need to be sponsored and u r a resident"... First atleast impress them on the interview, let them accept u. Get in the job. Show them your regular opt ead.