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Can H1 petition be filed by two or more employers

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  • Can H1 petition be filed by two or more employers

    I am currently working with an employer A and they have collected all documents to file for my H1 this year. I received another offer from employer B and they also have collected all documents for filing H1 this year. I have pushed the joining date with employer B to end of April for playing it safe. Employer A has two weeks notice period. My questions are as follows.

    1. Can employer A and B both file H1B petition to increase my chances of approval?
    2. If not, then which employer should I ask to withdraw?

    thanks for answering my questions.

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      Your message was posted as anonymous on Facebook wall- (March 17th)


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        I dont think it is a safe deal


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          it is safe two employers in two different projects can file your H1 . Example your are working for Cisco and working for ebay both can file your H1B.


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            1. Yes...H1 is sponsored by employers can be sponsored by multiple employers. End is you can only choose one employer out of all.


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              Yes - Legally anyone can apply multiple H1B petitions in the same year 4m diff. employers with diff. projects(diff. client/vendor letters),If both of them got picked-up in lottery then wait up to one of the petition gets in to approved state and make sure to withdraw the other pending application from employer B before both gets in to approved state, if this happens one of the approved petition should be revoked by employer B before you make an attempt to cross the border for your H1B stamping with employer A to reduce the chances of risk for your entry. Hope this answer helps for all of your queries, thanks


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                hmm u dont have to withdraw any of petition .. it does not harm employee ..


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                  USCIS is aware of this foul play see the link plz