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OPT extension when current OPT has expired

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  • OPT extension when current OPT has expired


    My current OPT (the first opt of 12 months) expired in February 19th, 2014. During that time, I was working for a company that wasn't e-verified, neither did they sponsor my H1B, actually, the company shut down on Feb 1st 2014.

    As of today, I have an offer letter from a company that is e-verified and are ready to sponsor my H1B.

    Current status: my opt has expired, this is the 14th day since it has expired.

    I went to the office of international education (Uni. of Texas at Arlington, Texas), and tried to file an OPT extension so that I can start working for the new employer, and they said that I'm not eligible to file an extension because [B][I]'extensions are to be filed while you are on OPT status, you cannot file it after your OPT has expired'.[/I][/B]

    This has literally scared me and I don't know what to do now. They further said that [B][I]IF[/I][/B] your current employer files your H1B by April 20th, your F1 status is extended until October 1st, however, since your current OPT has expired, you cannot 'work' for any employer until the H1B is stamped.

    I don't know what to do, is there any solution to this? Any work around? I'm totally confused.

    I appreciate your time for reading this out.

    Thanks a lot.

    Parikksit Bhisay

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      U have 2 months to join masters . U can apply opt after than . No need to worry


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        u r DSO is correct .. u have to wait till oct 1 if you get u r h1 done ..
        or u need to find another work permit if u want to work from now .


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          Here is your answer according to USCIS website: When must a student apply for an OPT extension?

          Under the prior regulations, F-1 students had to apply for post-completion OPT prior to graduation.
          This rule allows F-1 students seeking initial post-completion OPT to apply during their 60-day departure preparation periods in the same way that they are allowed to apply for a change to H-1B status during their departure preparation periods.
          Students may apply for an OPT extension at any time prior to the expiration date of their current OPT period.


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            How did DSO arrive at date of April 20th ? Isnt it 60 days after u lose ur F1 staus to take necessary actions which in this case would be 60 days from feb 2nd ?


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              take admission in another university ( say ITU, CA) - they will offer you CPT, while on CPT you shld be able to apply for H1 and you can still work on student