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Just started OPT period. planning to apply for H1B

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  • Just started OPT period. planning to apply for H1B

    Hi, plz help me...
    i completed my master in fall13 and my opt started recently. I got a job recently and my joining date is march. Thinking about the heavy competition of h1b in future i'm planning to apply for h1 this april. I have talked to my employer and he told he his ready to apply for me. Please suggest me whether to apply this april or to wait for 1 year, njoy the opt benefits and then apply. I'm in big confusion. Please let me know.. Thanks in advance

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      Are you sure that you'll get selected next year... I'd recommend go for as many chances as you have for H1B.. Apply this year too...


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        It depends on personal thing. If you want to save some money in OPT ...extend it take it next year. If you want to settle down asap here and get GC earlier apply this year


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          It is better to apply for H1B this year
          1) As you will get chance to enter into lottery twice (assuming there would be lottery next year as well)
          2) You will have greater piece of mind with H-1B compared to uncertain future
          3) If you look at your whole life, amout of money you will save being on OPT for 1 year is not huge compared to securing future



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            simple ans risk vs [email protected]
            just think what is u r option if u r application does not pick up in lottery ..


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              what is d risk if application does not pick in lottery