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Highly Sensitive Issue--PLEASE HELP OPT

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  • Highly Sensitive Issue--PLEASE HELP OPT

    Hi All, I think DesiOPT and Chandu are doing a great job. Here is the question.
    My 1st OPT started on July 10 2013 and I sumitted my First Job offer letter on 24th september 2013. I have been employed since then and I have all the paystubs and W2. But Recently I have lost by job and my last working day was on 31th January 2014. Since then Till Febuary 17th I was Unemployed and go a Full time job in a big company on 17th Feb. Now I have issues with at this job and want to go back to a different desi consulting employer. Heres the catch I have not yet updated my current full time employer name in the university as the job was not going to last long. Now Should I update this ful tim job which I worked for 13 days in the school or just update the 3rd desi consulting firms name. Technically I dont want my school to know that I worked for the full time job for 13 days in the middle...Do you think the uscis will not know as I will get paid for these 13 days in my bank account. PLEASE SUGGEST YOUR VALUABLE INPUTS PLEASE HELP ME. Will I have issues with my OPT EXTENSION.And also the middle job full time guys have also everified me with them I dont even know what does that mean....plz plz plz help I dont wanna loose my status

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      by law u have to update sevis with in 10 days of employment changes ..


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        Yes according to norms


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          You have to update all the changes in your employment to you school officials no matter how many days you work. USCIS can easily track you with your pay roll. You cannot hide any employment or even if you do its going to be a problem for you.


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            Reporting employment and unemployment: The student should report changes in employment to his or her DSO as soon as possible. SEVP recommends that the student report any change within 10 business days of the change to avoid situations where a DHS official may determine the student is out of status.

            OPT policy guide Section 7.3