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Chances for STEM approval? How to increase the chance? Options if denied?

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  • DesiOPT-FaceBook-Fan
    Regarding Signing I 20 don't worry, I did the same mistake, and I got my OPT Exten in stipulated time.

    I think all USCIS care about is valid e-verify number and weather your degree is STEM degree or not.

    One question if you were not able to fill everify number how did you submitted it. I mean I filled i765 using paper application. And when you were unsure about everify number why did you submitted it online? If you have your WAC number coordinate with USCIS customer care reps.

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  • DesiOPT-FaceBook-Fan
    Once u cross the 180 day period u cant work, but again make sure you answer everything for the RFE as RFE is a definite thing in your case.

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  • DesiOPT-FaceBook-Fan
    Usually, USCIS does not deny an application without issuing an RFE. Make sure that you address everything that they are looking for in an RFE if you get one.

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  • zephyr101
    Since you did not sign the I-20, you will get an RFE for sure. USCIS would only deny your application if you do not respond within 10-15 days after receiving the RFE. So keep checking your case status and your mailbox everyday. I would advise you to talk to an immigration officer at USCIS, explain your situation and ask them if you can resend the documents.

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  • Chances for STEM approval? How to increase the chance? Options if denied?

    I'm a F1 student visa holder, my 1st OPT has already expired earlier this month. I'm now on the 180-day extended work authorization, since my STEM extension is pending and still in initial review.

    I later found the following that might give risks to my application approval:

    1. I forgot to sign my I-20.

    2. I e-filed my application (I-765) online, the online application asked for e-verify number but restricted the field to a 9 digit number therefore I believe the EIN number is entered instead of E-verify number.

    3. The address of my employer listed on my I-20 is not their official address but the actual building address of my workplace.

    My questions:

    1. What are my chances to get Approval/RFE/Denial?

    2. How can I makeup the mistakes I had above to increase the approval chance before I got any denial? (Mail additional documents? Make appointments though infopass?)

    3. If denied, Is there anyway to still work while applying for Motion of Reopen? Any interim card can be applied? I cannot afford to pause my work.