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Driver License during OPT Extension application pending

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  • Driver License during OPT Extension application pending

    I need some help regarding Dirver Licesne renewal in Texas.
    I am on F1-OPT. My application for 17 month STEM extension is pending. My original OPT card will expired by the end of Feb 2014. I had applied at the correct time (90 days prior).
    I can still work for 180 days as long as I have applied for the renewal.
    But my Drivers license will expire along with the OPT card(Feb 26 2014). Can I renew my driver's license, on the basis of a current I20, receipt of application of OPT renewal (1797) and passport, visa in Texas. Since I am legally allowed to work and am working, does this help my case on receiving a Driver's license? Please help. Thank you.

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      This works the same way for OPT as for H1B...One of friend got his license renewed by getting the letter from DPS.


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        DMV will issue you a temporary 60 days license on paper when you show your application is pending....


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          it is depends on state .. call DMV or go there and ask u r options ..


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            Take your I-20 to dmv with passport and ssn, they will grant you license ... I know about California, not sure about other states. I did the same ...


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              is there anything specific for Tennessee?


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                I have completed my Master’s just two weeks back. My opt will start in January 2nd week. My license will expire on February 12th. Right now I only have my OPT recommended I20. Can I use my EAD card for renewal?