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    I got my OPT STEM extension, working for desi consulting but with a client from day one. I am travelling to India, my port of entry is Chicago. I have heard some stories about chicago port of entry. Do I need to rethink? Please help.

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      Thanks guys for all your feedback. I have changed 4 employer during my intial opt. I am working in the field of my studies.

      Will it still be a problem. I have my valid visa till 2017.

      Should I change the port of entry, if yes whats the best one?


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        I would suggest you to switch your port of entry


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          One of my friend had to talk with them for an hour at Port of entry. Avoid Chicago if you can.


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            i would say not an issue .. as long as u have valid status they can not deny u r admission..


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              Hi I had my port of entry as Chicago and I was very much tensed as well, as I heard many stories about it. But you don't actually know which one of them are true and which ones aren't. I was tensed but it went good by gods grace. I think its not a problem as long as you carry all the necessary docs. And in the end of the day it all depends on your luck anywhere you go in port of entry.


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                Thanks for sharing your experience


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                  I was told that travel with ur opt is still risky