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  • Company Not Sponsoring H1B

    Hi I have some weird situation.
    I'm working as Fulltime employee for ABC company, and this company is not doing H1 visa.My OPT EXT is expiring in May and need to file H1 this April for sure.I'm searching for another fulltime job who can sponsor H1. Also I’m looking for good consultancy who are willing to do H1.

    My questions:

    1. If xyz consultancy is ready to do H1 this April, can they maintain my status by running payroll until they place me in job?
    2.I came to know that we can have multiple employers on OPT EXT and can work more then 40 hours.
    3.I’ll be in cap gap from May, is this still same as opt ext?
    4.If so, until I find a job through xyz consultancy can I continue with current ABC employer even after H1 filing through Xyz Company?
    If yes, how and what to do?
    My only concern is don’t want to loose pay until I find a new job. Any sort of information will be really helpful.
    Thanks a ton to DesiOPT and for people who all reply.

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      1 hmm they could but what the profit they get ?? so it is unlikely to happen
      2 yes ..
      3 you can work but you can not travel .u will not have any EAD card.
      4 yes after filing you can work for ABC..
      but you can not work directly after COS to h1(COS change of status generally OCT 1 ) ..