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  • Urgent Help - Appreciated!

    Hi all,

    I need your suggestions on my case.

    I got OPT approval notice (and started date on approval notice) on Jan 24, 2013. But I received my OPT card on March 28, 2013 though USCIS's record was showing that I received my OPT card on Jan 28. Then my employer filled my H1B on Aril 4, 2013 and I got RFE and finally just yesterday- January 23, 2014 (on the last day of my OPT) my H1B got denied. I did MBA so I get just one year of OPT.

    But I want to reapply for H1B in April and maintain my F1 status meanwhile.

    So my questions are as below.

    1. Is there anyway that I can recapture my unused OPT days (from Jan 24-March 27)?
    2. My OPT ended yesterday. How soon should I get my new I-20 to maintain F1 status? Is it Ok if I start my second master from March? I mean can I use 60 days grace period after OPT expiration to get issued my new I-20?
    3. Can I get admission into Community college to maintain my F1 status or would it be issue later on H1 acceptance?

    Please reply my soonest. Thanks so much for your help in advance.

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      1 no
      2 60 days
      3 it depends .. if they are part of sevis then you can join .. if you follow law and never missuses it then there will not be any problem ..


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        1) NO 2) 60 days to get in to a school or depart us legally 3) It be based on the things you did and type of H1b you filed for. Make sure that you not get in to CPT before 1 year and abide with all rule of F1 students. Good Luck...