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OPT EAD card lost by USPS ! re entry to US ? new EAD card ?

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  • OPT EAD card lost by USPS ! re entry to US ? new EAD card ?

    Hi All,

    I have an issue with EAD card, uscis and usps messed up with my card!
    USCIS says it has sent on jan 04 (2014) and ironically usps tracking# shows it's delivered on jan 03 (2014). Whereas I got the tracking number# on Jan 05 via email. However no one at my place has received the mail. Neither USCIS nor USPS takes the responsibility of lost EAD card The actual problem is I left US once my OPT was approved (card/document in production) on Dec 26th. Then things went weird this way. As of now I contacted univ international services for help ! And they raised a request to uscis and currently waiting for their response ... Not sure how long should I wait.
    My OPT starting date is Feb 03 2014.
    Here are my questions:
    * Does Univ international services is of any help ?
    * Can I request my EAD card from USCIS without re-application for lost/replacement card (as I haven't received the card) ?
    * Should I have to reapply and expedite the process ? (heard from one of the immigration officers that it would take 90 days in the worst case scenario even if we apply for lost/replacement card)
    * At the port of entry will it be a problem if I travel without EAD card ?
    * I welcome suggestions that could help in this process !

    Thanks in advance!!

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      Did you write your name on your mail box? If not, USPS/UPS delivers it back to the return address again (USCIS). I am not sure if it was surely delivered to your address if the address was correct. Keep calling them on their number and they might resend it to you again.


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        1..May be 2..No ( You have to request for replacement card) 3.Make sure you apply for replacement card only and not the whole new application. New application will be denied, replacement card will not. Keep calling them, some call center persons are more knowledgeable than others. 4. Yes, you may face problems at POE without proof of employment and EAD card


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          1 no
          2 no
          3 yes
          4 nope .. have the notice for replacement of card ..


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            at CBP counter if they ask for card then show them that you lost it and applied for new one ..


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              Just wait for one week.And check usics case status it will be automatically get updated,if they mail it to wrong address.sometimes USPS do deliver to wrong address status shows as delivered.College will not take any responsibility if something went wrong . also, USPS guys and USCIS.if anything went wrong again you have to go through the same process.Just be patient everything will be fine.