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RFE on stem extension for signature

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  • RFE on stem extension for signature


    I received an RFE on my stem extension about signature crossing the lines.

    I have the following questions before I respond. Please let me know what you guys think.

    RFE received : In the letter they have given a blue form and a paper which has a box for signature.

    RFE Response : My plan of response is : Blue form on the top + paper with the signature

    1. Should I send the original blue form or a copy of it? At the bottom they mentioned : Save the notice. So I did not understand exactly what to do.

    2. Should I send any other cover letter along with the response? They did not ask for any.

    3. If in case the signature on the original page 2 that they sent goes wrong, can I use the copy of the second page I that I have taken before signature ? There is nothing in
    color on the second page that they sent.

    Thanks and I appreciate your time.


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      Hmm .. OP already sent response to USCIS .. OP contacted me personally ..


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        1. You have to send back the original RFE letter that USCIS sent. Make a copy for your own records. They should have mentioned it in the letter itself.

        2. Cover letter is not a must but I did send one.

        3. Try not to make a mistake on the original letter as you don't want sleepless nights after you've sent your response. But if you already have made a mistake then you should really call the USCIS helpline and ask them before sending.


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          Anyway what was your reply to OP ?


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            1 original
            2 not needed for op case