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RFE on CPT -Urgent help!!

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  • RFE on CPT -Urgent help!!


    I have done a summer internship during summer 2012. During that time our university CPT policy did not have the credit enrollment I had not registered for any credits during summer 2012. CPT policy got revised in Fall 2012 and have the documentation available.
    Then on Fall 2013 I did full time CPT with one online course and so I enrolled for 3 credits for the online course. My university informed me that with as per the new policy rule I did meet the requirement of enrolling for 3 credits which captures the internship plus meets the minimum requirements of 2 credit enrollment each semester for my F-1 status.As this is the last course for my program.

    I received RFE on CPT:
    Please provide a copy of the University program requirements for a Masters degree in Electrical and Electronics engineering along with a copy of your transcript.

    Now I am really worried as what exactly the USCIS is going to look for? I am concerned about the following:
    1. My transcripts do not have a mention of CPT or internships.Will this be a problem? If yes, how I can address this?
    2.I have not enrolled for any credits during summer 2012 internship as our university policy did not require that time.
    3.I am not sure which CPT are they asking for ? So I am kind of confused with what exactly is USCIS going to look for ?

    Please share your experience and please help me in providing a proper response to USCIS. I am really worried about this as we get only one chance to reply to USCIS so would like to be as thorough as I can in my response.

    Thank you.