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  • OPT Stem Extension

    I have applied for OPT Stem Extension in December,2012 and my OPT Extension start date is Feb,2013. My Stem Extension already started and its been long time that I still didn't get my Extension approved. I have been continuously checking my status on USCIS and it says 'initial Review'.
    My question is :
    1)Why is it taking so long?
    2)What would be the start date on Stem Extensions card? Will it be same from the expiration of 1st OPT or the date when the Extension card is approved.

    This was posted on on February 20th 2013

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    start date will be the same from the expiration of 1st OPT.and you can work for 180 days after the expiration of the 1st OPT...i mean you will be in status fro 180 days after the expiration of ur 1st should probably expect your OPT extension card in a month..


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      if its California center they are taking extra time