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Regarding MBA program visa status

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  • Regarding MBA program visa status

    Hai DesiOPT!!
    I am planning to do mba in southern new hampshire university for spring2014. BUt many of my friends are suggesting me to go for MS in IT(5 years visa). MBA gives us only 1 year work permit, is it possible for me to get a job and have h1 transfer? please guide me.......i am confused?

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      I am doing a dual degree in MBA and MSIT wherein I am taking the benefit of STEM extension from MSIT. The dual degree can be completed in 2years. So you can opt for universities which offer such dual degrees as well. And since you are equipped with two master degrees you have a better chance of getting a good job!


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        1. yes Depends on univ you choose


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          1 it is posible .. but u need proper planing ,timing and luck .. as you will have less time and single chance for h1 .. compared to ms where they have 2.5 yrs of work.permit and around 2-3 chances to apply h1 ..


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            I highly suggest you to go for MS in IT. MBA has not future anymore here. The straight benefit of doing MS -IT is 29 months of extension. This is something you would like to research a lot before you make any decision. Every way MS-IT wins for me!


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              Depends on your career path as both are good in their own way.


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                Go for ms it..


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                  Answer to your questions depends on 2 things:
                  1 - What is that XYZ university and its ranking/ efficiency in placing "international students"
                  2 - More importantly, what do you want to you do. Does Coding excite you or business side?

                  You will have 2 chances for H1, if you get an offer before you graduate. Company can apply for H1 before you graduate in which case you will not be able to use your OPT completely. The other option is for the company to apply for H1 the net year.