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Failed in the last sem OPT period

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  • Failed in the last sem OPT period

    I have got myself into a sticky situation and wanted some advice. I took some extra credits the last semester to finish my course in 18 months and one of my professors failed me in one of the courses. I have applied for my OPT and it starts on the 20th Jan, I will be starting work the very next week. My new work place is not in the same state as my college and i am presently at home in india on a vacation.

    1. Will i be able to move to the new work place and do an online course to finish my degree ?
    2. Do all colleges agree for an online course in this situation ?
    3. Do i have to be in school to do the last subject and not be able to work on my OPT ?
    4. Will my OPT be valid if i have to go back to school ?
    5. Will i face any problems during my re-entry to the USA as i have come back home ?

    What is the best course of action for me in this situation ?

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      did you gradute or not ??
      1 no
      2 depends on school.
      3 depends on school ..
      4 ask u r dso or graduate adviser ..
      5 you u can work up 20 hrs per week ..


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        1. No
        2. depends on the course you failed. If you dont have to pass it in order to graduate then yes.
        3. Not all colleges agree. Depends on your univ.
        4. Not necessary.
        5. Yes it will be valid and counting if you go to school.
        Talk to your adviser and International admission for possibilities. They will surely help you.


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          1. No
          2. No
          3. Depends
          4. You can work 20 hours per week any where in USA. But you have to attend the school. Take a subject in such a way that the professor is lenient to you and permits you to attend for mid and final exams or find a job in near by state or in the same state so that you can travel easily
          5. Yes


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            I guess you have applied for Post OPT, in that case you have to cancel and re-apply for Pre-OPT. Post OPT is only applied after you graduate. You can work part time for only 20 hours/week. Many schools do not allow online courses in the last semester if that course is only course you are taking but depends school to school. You should immediately contact your international office to let them know of your situation. You have to work with them for your extension and update your I-20, they will let you know what should you do next.


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              The best way is to apply for reinstatement to USCIS and get a new I20 and finish of that course in the next sem. Ask your HR to postpone to joining date to May. Once your re-instatement is done, Apply for your OPT again. Re-entry wouldn't be a problem I think!