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Got my opt, lost one subject

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  • Got my opt, lost one subject

    hi guys, just take a little time to analyse my situation here and help me advising...

    I just got My OPT but failed in a Subject,so i wont be able to work(for univ complex subject issues). so for next 3 months i will be jobless, according to USCIS more than 3 months out of employment leads to rejection of OPT extension. so, now can i get an exception of not working for 3 months bcaz of studying or its a compulsory rule to have a payroll run even if u attend university. if so, part time or full time?

    can i get an exception for 3 months from USCIS bcaz i attend the university and not work. or it only works like i have to have a payroll for sure even if i am in the university.I plan on attaching a document explaining " I did not work bcaz i was studying" do u think its a valid argument here.

    Your thoughts are appreciated.

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      1 you nned to be on job .. and it should be 20 hr or less per week ..
      2 nope ..


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        ...correct me if m wrong..!! Cn he cancel his opt...?? Or as it is approved he cant do it fr nw...!!


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          check if u can do it online. if u r planning to join a consultancy online course would help n ur opt wont be wasted


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            You can start working ...your opt is started officially....


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              what i know is he can't cancel it with out wasting it ..


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                For this scenario, you can take an online course, finish by the end of semester and parallelly you can work on your opt.


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                  Failing to graduate after applying for OPT


                  Failing to graduate after applying for OPT
                  If a Student applies for Post Completion OPT before his or her program end date and fails to complete the requirements ( due to ‘incomplete or failing grades’ or failure to meet graduation requirements) of program should do following