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Job Offer in Hand but OPT in Initial Review

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  • Job Offer in Hand but OPT in Initial Review

    OPT Receive Date : December 11, 2013
    My Start Date : February 7 , 2014
    OPT Application Status : Initial Review

    I just got a job offer letter on which the anticipated start date is January 20, 2014.
    I requested to expedite the OPT process on the phone stating that it will be a 'Financial Loss'
    and I might lose the job offer. Now they want me to fax an offer letter to consider my
    application for expedite processing , but my offer letter is a 'regular' offer letter and its
    nowhere written that I' ll lose the job offer if not started by January 20, 2014.

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      ead start date can not be less than requested opt start date .. ask your employer to postpone job start date ..


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        Tell your employer to postpone your start date. You cannot do anything till you get your EAD and you start date has arrived.


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          Ask your employer to postpone start date on offer letter to Feb 7. You cannot start on Jan 20 even if you had received your OPT card. Before faxing the letter make sure the offer says Feb 7.


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            I had my friend who had same situation. He just waited. In his case it was in initial review for a long time but after that process was really fast which means other process did not took long time as initial process .


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              send your job offer. It may expedite the process. job offer by itself helps. Make sure that they have tentative date of joining. Also, in between you can ask your employer to give you time for getting the EAD card. Its pretty normal thing unless you are talking about some consultancy jobs. In that case i am not sure.


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