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Urgent situation: didn't work 20 hours/week for December, out of 90 unemployed days.

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  • Urgent situation: didn't work 20 hours/week for December, out of 90 unemployed days.

    My situation is:
    - OPT will expire in February
    - I already got 85 days unemployed out of 90 days
    - I am working under 1099, independent contractor
    - Due to the holiday season, I was unable to maintain 20 hours working/week. I tried to sum up my hour of the whole month and average out but that didn't come close to 20hrs/week either.

    I know that for the month of January when holiday is over, I will be able to catch up the 20 hours/week rule, but I'm worried about insufficient hour in December.

    My question is:
    - Should I keep working?
    - Could the USCIS track down my hour?
    - I am applying to Graduate School in fall 2014. What should I do so that it won't affect my chance to get a new visa and come back to the U.S. Btw, I am planning to leave the State after my OPT expires.
    - What is the consequence of this situation?

    Many thanks guys.

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      [COLOR=#333333]Your question will be posted on our wall at [/COLOR][COLOR=#333333] on Jan 2nd please follow the post and forum.[/COLOR]


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        there is no rule that you should work minimum of 20 hrs in opt ..


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          1. Yes
          2. Yes
          3. No issues, free to apply
          4. What I can suggest is keep down the rest of hours as Unpaid training hours by requesting your employer


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            3 do sevis change it before u r grace period ..


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              4 nothing you dont need to worry ..