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OPT EXT Rejection if salary is low?

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  • OPT EXT Rejection if salary is low?

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    1. Can anyone tell what is the minimum salary requirement when we are on OPT?
    2. Is there a chance for OPT extension Rejection if salary is low?
    3. Will it be a problem for OPT extension if I have a unpaid or volunteer job for a few months and then have a paid job with the same employer? Does it matter?
    4. To apply for H1B, do I need to have all pay stubs?

    This was posted on on 11th Dec 2013

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    1 sate or fed minimum wage ..
    3 can be if it is more than 90 days .. based on recent Nebraska situation..
    4 nope ..


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      1) Opt extension has no salary cap.
      2) Opt ext rejection possibility is not related to wages.
      3) Again wages is not a criteria.
      4) You need pay stubs only for h1b stamping when you go to India and not for visa approval...

      Very best!!


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        1. Depends on Loc
        2. Nope
        3. No as per rules, but nebraska is giving a tough time
        4. Nope


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          Yeah, that would be a problem if you are on unpaid and no payroll is generated for more than 90 days. This is only for people who will apply in Nebraska Service Center.