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    How long it will take USCIS to give RFE result? I send my packet at NSC. My total unemployement days including weekends is 28, still I recievd a rfe.Whats more complicated is they asked end client letter.
    Attorney is puzzled as those letters are asked previously for H1b employees.My employers are 2 big large consultancy companies NASDAQ listed.Still USCIS thinks the docs submitted by DSO is false?? I am really worried. Currently working as a contractor in Nebraska . I cannot focus at work. MY performance is low.Fearing I might get fired .. Not able to sleep ..
    I have send my offer letter from both companies,all my paystubs.
    Letter from both HR stating my start date and end date.
    I am fearful what if USCIS says that my paystubs are false? What if they say my HR letter is false?I am not allowed to work at a Client side in OPT? I was not able to sleep in last 2 weeks.. I donno what to do.
    My current employer asking me to submit OPT EAD card for continuing work. They are a very large farm and their immigration department is not helping me. I lost my OPT initial receipt,they told me they cannot help me without my receipt. The receipt has nothing I explained but they didnot helped me in processing of my rfe aplication. My client side employers are asking me to work extra hours as it is end of season and I cannot focus because of this.
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