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Graduating in May 2013, when to apply for OPT?

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  • Graduating in May 2013, when to apply for OPT?

    Hi Great people . I really would like to thank each one of you for doing this wonderful job and helping students who are in need. I have couple of questions and was hoping if someone can help me out:
    -I am graduating in May 2013 and my international office is not ready to provide me the right dates on when to start my OPT after my graduation and I don't know when would be the right time from employer's perspective. If someone can help me in deciding a date after May 3rd 2013 to start my OPT would be great.

    This was posted on on February 26th 2013

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    Some time between May15th -June 1st will be good. You never know when you will get the job.


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      Here is the suggestion from a reader who to want share his view anonymously - I would suggest put the date right after you gradaute. If you see in the long run, it wont affect since your 12+17 months of OPT would end in mid October (considering your OPT start date is mid May) and your H1 will start on OCT 1. If you delay your OPT and start in mid June, you will still start your H1 on Oct 1. But just imagine if u have job in may but opt starts in june, then you have to request your employer to wait for few weeks before you can start working. And it will take your OPT atleast 60-90 t process. So you can apply for opt any time now if you are graduating in may.


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        it should be 90 days before you complete you program and 60 days after you finish your program