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90 day Unemployment rule

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  • 90 day Unemployment rule

    I was already unemployed for 54 days then I got a job and worked there for 6 months. I reposrted to my school abount my job but i have quit it recently and i am worried..may b i get out of status If i dnt get a job in next 36 days. Do the college or USCIS would know that I am unemployed. Do they have any monitoring system?? Waiting for your help.

    thanks in advance!

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      Hmm it is tricky .. they are mostly using everify data and sevis data ..


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        Yes they will track
        It is 120 days in case of STEM people and I have seen in some documents that it is even 150 days in case of STEM. So find a job soon. Use dice website as well. Find it soon all the best


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          Well I think according to opt regulation employer will report to DSO within 48 hours of you leaving the job.


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            just have ur pay roll runnin if the job is thru a consultancy.


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              So why they asking for RFE if they can track everything?


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                My total unemployement days including weekends is 28, still I recievd a rfe.Whats more complicated is they asked end client letter.Attorney is puzzled as those letters are asked previously for H1b employees.My employers are 2 big large consultancy companies NASDAQ listed.Still USCIS thinks the docs submitted by DSO is false??


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                    My question is already in desiopt forum.