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I20 expired last july, currently on OPT extension, full-time job, traveling to India

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  • I20 expired last july, currently on OPT extension, full-time job, traveling to India

    Hello all,

    My I20 expired on 2nd July, 2012 (#5 of my I20 says: "The student is expected to report to school no later than XXXXX and complete studies no later than [B]07/02/2012[/B]). I am currently on OPT-Extension and it is valid until December 2014. My Visa is good until 2015. I am currently working full-time and will be going, to India next week (10th Dec, 2013) for vacation (for 15 days) . Could some one please let me know if I would have a problem with re-entry to USA since, my I20 expired on 2nd July, 2012?

    I have my recent I20 with my DSO signed on the third page. I will be carrying this I20, with all my other I20s, along with my employer's letter stating about my job and my return to work for them, my paystubs till date.

    Thanks a lot for answering!!

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      You should get your I20 extended from your school to match the opt extension. It's safe to have a current I20.


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        What did ur DSO? Just get a letter from ur DSo if possible. U shudnt have a prob


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          But didnt u get a stem approved I20 from school? That shud suffice


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            no problem .. u have the recent (should be less than 6 months ) I20 signed by DSO .. u r good .
            check desi opt web site for list of docs needed for travel ..


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              When you are traveling outside the country you are expected to have a new I20 signed by your DSO which shows your OPT expiry date too.


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                The expiration date on your current I20 matters and your OPT card. It shouldn't be a problem. Enjoy your trip


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                  You should have your extended OPT in your hand and you are expected to havid
                  Valid VISA
                  Valid Passport
                  Offer Letter


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                    How can ur opt be extended with an expired i20?