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Affect of early full-time CPT for OPT application.

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  • Affect of early full-time CPT for OPT application.

    Hi All!

    I've started my full-time CPT from the [B]first semester [/B]in 'Accredited' university. Now what is the possibility of getting OPT because of this?
    I recently came to know, its really bad idea doing this kind of full-time CPT, but I didn't know. I did my research, I found that if its integral part of my subject (which is MSCS) then its okay. However by the USCIS law, it is illegal to work before finishing one academic year...

    I already took 2 semesters of full-time CPT and worked as a software developer.

    Please guys share your experiences you had or you know about your friends.

    Does it really effect to my OPT application now? what should I do now?

    Thank you!
    Appreciate your help!

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      If you have utilized CPT for more than 365 days then your OPT will be denied.


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        Yah it's nt advisable cos yu can't get opt if yu do full time cpt


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          Let us know what kind of.job u r doing and how it is part of u r curriculum ..


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            Hi, I'm doing MSCS and my job Java developer...
            it is integral part of my internship but the problem is I didn't finish 1 academic year before starting off-camus internship. I came to US and after one semester started cpt right away...
            do you guys know ppl who got their opt in a similar case..?


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              does u r course require u to get java exp ?? i mean advised by u r grad adviser ??


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                if yes then it is not a problem as long as u dont do it more than an yr .. if you do full time CPT more than 1 yr then u r ineligible for opt


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                  Nope it is not illegal if it is part of u r curriculum .. but if u work more than an yr then u loose u r opt ..


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                    Its Not a problem till it is a integral part and school approves it... Other way is just cancel ur CPT before you apply for OPT... Let you school handle it and keep in touch with your DSO... Good Luck...!!!


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                      source 8 cfr ..