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STEM extension on fixed term appointment?

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  • STEM extension on fixed term appointment?

    I am currently working on OPT and it expires on 19th Jan 2014. My appointment is fixed and expires in May 2014. My employer is e-verified and the position is a full time 40 hrs per week and salaried. I was hoping to apply for an extension with a new job offer but I haven't received any yet. So I might have to apply for STEM extension using my current job. I talked to the DSO at my university and they suggested that I should take a letter from my employer which would state my employment start date, my title and my job description without the employment end date. I am aware that a student can change multiple jobs while on OPT/STEM. Please advice me on this issue, I still have more than 50 days to apply for the STEM extension.

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      Do what u r dso is saying if u can ..


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        I just want to make sure that I don't get an RFE of some kind. Has anybody been in my situation?


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          Yea the employer can provide you that and even you can update it now....


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            Firstly do those 2 things...Then you can think of RFE