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  • Online Business using OPT card

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    Hi there, I am a Software Programmer. I've recently got a Full-time job in a company and working for 40hrs.

    I have applied for an Apple iOS developer program and they require W-9 tax form to file and to receive payments from selling Apps/Ad revenue.

    1. Is it legal to Sell Apps on Apple app store on Student F1 visa with OPT work authorization?
    2. In my Free time and on weekends I develop my own apps.
    Is it considered as a Self Employment and legal to earn little extra money on F1 OPT work authorization? Thanks in advance

    This was posted on on 18th November 2013

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    You can do business on OPT but I don't know about the document requirements (I mean company registration, etc) for this kind of work. Consult some attorney. Moreover, it won't cost much money to form a LLC.


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      Hmm technically it is.possible consult an attorney and cpa before doing it


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        I can give more details once I get home ..