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Visa renewal n India travel

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  • Visa renewal n India travel

    I just finished my PhD and was planning to travel to India. I have my EAD card and an employment letter from my next job (Postdoc). My visa expired 6 months ago and I need to get it renewed when in india. (Passport valid, i20 valid)
    My question is- is it safe to travel now or I should travel later, after joining my new postdoc job? I prefer to travel now since it might be difficult to get off after I join!
    If I travel now, what kind of letter do i need from my employer? Guessing it should be from my future employer?
    Thanks for your inputs

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      You may certainly travel before you start your job. You will need an offer letter from your employer stating start date, title, duties.

      Take your most recent I20 ( 6 months validity) as well.


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        1 it is very rare that people go for visa while on OPT i only heard one case and she got her visa ..
        2 remember F1 is not intent to immigrate .. means u r coming here just for learning or training purpose not to immigrate permanently here .. so plan accordingly while telling u r situation to visa officer ..


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          1. It is not totally safe. Try to avoid it
          2. As your Visa is expired, you should re attend visa so avoid it


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            Its weird that we are continually told not to travel during OPT. My school DSO and immigration attorney say it is perfectly legitimate especially if we have been following all the rules and if we are from "standard" universities. I had a few of my classmates travel and they were fine . No one was told that " you have finished your program and you shouldn't be going back". If you have all your documentation you are fine.

            Going to Canada for the purpose of visa renewal ia also an option and many encourage that.

            Good Luck


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              Hello all,

              I want to travel to India during August/September 2014. I am on OPT & working in Oil & Gas field from October 2013. My current OPT is going to expire in September 2014 & I am applying for STEM extension in few days. My F1 VISA expired in August 2013. I would like to know if I can travel to India with OPT STEM ext-EAD card and then go to stamping at the US Consulate in India for coming back to US. Also can you please tell me what all documents are required for this thing.