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OPT application still INITIAL REVIEW since 100 days

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  • DesiOPT-FaceBook-Fan
    You can take the offer letter(if you have one) to the International adviser and ask them to contact USCIS for expediting the process.

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  • DesiOPT-FaceBook-Fan
    1 if u want to work on opt u need t wait till approval ..
    2 nope
    3 nope
    4 call them.. 90 days is the guide lines set by 8 cfr ..
    7 not sure but try if u want ..

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  • DesiOPT-FaceBook-Fan
    at my univ, the international services can send a process expidation request by attaching the offer letter.. check with your univ what they can do for you

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  • Sua
    started a topic OPT application still INITIAL REVIEW since 100 days

    OPT application still INITIAL REVIEW since 100 days

    Hello All,

    Firstly, I would like to thank this group and its members for being helpful and guiding with solutions.

    I have a little issue. I am a recent graduate, graduated on 10th August, 2013. I applied for OPT with a receipt date of 12th August, 2013 in Texas. My application is still in the "Initial Review" and it has been over three months. I saw on the USCIS website that the normal processing time is 3 months and I have seen my friends getting their OPTs with in 2 months of application.

    I was replied to a service request that I created by calling USCIS that my case is in "Extended Review". I am worried because I have a job offer and it requires me to start working from 1st week of December. I really don't want to miss this finest opportunity. I feel that I may not get another such offer.

    Can I know:

    1) what are my options to start working?
    2) can I get a temporary EAD? (I was suggested by a friend)
    3) can my university adviser issue an I-20 authorizing me to work? (I read this online)
    4) how can I make my case move faster?
    5) what is the exact meaning and processing time of "Extended Review"?
    6) what are your recommendations or suggestions that I should let me employer know?
    7) can an offer letter help me if I show it by making an info-pass appointment ?

    Sorry for so many questions, but I am really running in bad circumstances and will appreciate all your answers.

    Thank you everyone in advance!