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Job search question on OPT?

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  • Job search question on OPT?

    I am on OPT, and have a STEM extension as well. Curently, I am working in an internship that I started before graudation and it has given me valuable US experience. I am close to completing one year now. Hence, thinking of changing employers now. HOWEVER, no one seems to be interested in hiring F-1 OPT. A handful of consulants, desi ones, did contact me but said I should "add employers" and "titles" to me resume which I was not willing to do. is this the only way out for OPT job search? I am frustrated now.

    A lot of students do find H-1 employers as well, I find it hard to just find a job without sponsorship. What are your tips for finding jobs? I am in a big city but I feel small towns may have more options if I am open to relocation?

    Also, how many months in advance can I send my application for STEM exptension OPT?

    Please write your valuable suggestions.

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      I dont know about job search ..
      But for stem extension u can apply from first day of u r opt if u meet all the requirements ..


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        I am going to India this January to renew my f1 visa and I have new job that I will be starting on May 1st can I apply for opt before going to India? Will this be a problem in visa renewal?? Please help.


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          Thanks! Will do it.


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              You need to apply for STEM extension 3 months (MUST) in advance. Regarding finding an employer who can file H-1 for you, the size of the city doesn't matter. Its all about the company that is hiring you. There is nothing wrong in joining a consulting firm tho! If you're in the BAY area of California, then decent amount of hard work might land you in a job (COMPANY not a consulting firm) which sponsors H-1 for you!


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                Thanks. I will check with my DSO and apply right away


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                  Thanks. I appreciate your advice. I will look harder for jobs .


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                    Yes I believe you can apply but will have to wait for EAD card bbefore you travel.