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opt extension denied,more than 60 days crossed,no visa

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  • opt extension denied,more than 60 days crossed,no visa

    Hi my opt expired on august 19th and I applied for opt extension on june ending.during that period I got RFE and sent all the documents through attorney to USCIS.just 3 days back (nov 11th) I got response stating that my opt has been rejected. so what will be the my status.even though I open MTR attorney told me very less chances to get.

    as opt expired on august 19th its more than 60 days(now) but they said denied just 3 days back(nov 11th).

    so my sevis will terminate immediately? how can i check my sevis status?

    I dont have visa,to cross the please advise me in my situation.

    please advice me any universities to get admission immediately. Thank you.

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      What are the reasons for your RFE


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        U can pick the option of reinstatement. There are a few colleges which give initial I20 n u can apply fr reinstatement without crossing. It mite take 2-3months but then u ve no other option if u want to stay here n fight.
        Only way to find out abt Sevis is call ur current school DSO n ask them.Ur status mite have got into completed state by now.


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          Your current SEVIS will show as complete. I think there is a link where you can check it online. Chances of getting an MTR approved is very less as it goes to the same officer who made your initial decision. Unless he has a change of heart or extremely serious evidence to disprove his decision, the MTR will be just a waste of money. Also if you apply for MTR you cannot change status to student or any other status. Illegal presence can hurt you in future when you apply for H1b and any other future immigration applications like green card, so I would suggest be careful of that. All the best. Hope you fin a solution soon.


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            as किरणमयी मार्पुड़ी said go for that option ..additionally if reinstatement is taking longer than 5 months just step out of the country and go for stamping ..bcoz staying more than 6 months with out status could lead to 3 yr bar ..


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              1) MTR is a long process 2) 60 days have passed but there is no illegal status during this period 3) you call the 1-800 number and then get the information of your status and talk to your school about y did it got rejected and if you can join the same school for another degree or do double master will save you time and they know you situation instead of going to a different school 4) is case you dont have visa I dont recommend going out of county , file and Reinstatement and wait for the response (till the process in not completed stay in touch with the current school 5) there are many universities that can admit you on as you already have a degree in US, NO Long wait period... But still I suggest get in the same school and tell them to do the work... good luck


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                Just heard that u cn go fr stamping in mexico or canada rather than india n get through easily. Good luck


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                  Originally posted by DesiOPT-FaceBook-Fan View Post
                  Just heard that u cn go fr stamping in mexico or canada rather than india n get through easily. Good luck

                  I am just curious. What do you mean by go to mexico or canada? Do you mean for visa stamping?


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                    You can make a call to customer care ( from the sevis website) and asks them to check your sevis status. I did the same.. !!