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    Hi I graduated this May and don't have any job yet.Is there any risk involved If I travel to India this December as my VISA got expired this July . If in case I travel to India what documents should I carry with me .Please do reply ASAP.Thankyou

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    Can you please elaborate your question as this will help us to understand your situation
    1. When is your OPT start date?
    2. Have you exceeded 90 days unemployment time?
    3. Since your Visa expired, are you going for Stamping.
    4. When you travel, will you have a job offer by then?
    5. How long is your overseas stay?
    6. Is your degree eligible for OPT Extension?



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      My OPT start date is July 1st 2013 , I have to go for stamping If I Travel, do suggest what documents to be taken and what will be the success rate.
      I don't think I will have any Job offer , but I have the letter from the consultancy.My stay gonna be for 2weeks.
      I have 2.5yr OPT period.