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Typo on post completion OPT, how to update?

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  • Typo on post completion OPT, how to update?

    Hi...Recently I have applied for post completion OPT. I have made a silly typo in my current US address. In city field instead of writing my current city I have mentioned my hometown Mumbai. Everything else (Street name, street no, state and zip) are correct. I want to know if anybody else had same issue and how did they update their address. USCIS received my application on March 1, 2013

    This was posted on on march 3rd 2013
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    Ask the immigration department in college if they can help!! calling USCIS would not be helpful according to my opinion!! Or file a new card under lost card category!! it might be paid though!!


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      Call National customer service number given on the I 765 confoirmation receipt in case of E-fillling and tell them the mistake happened and ask them to update the correct information, they will give you a case number and you will recieve an mail once it is updated, it works for sure


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        Not a problem. I had a similar problem and it didnt matter. My country was wrong. The most important is age and name!


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          If you call/email for an update then they will ask you to send the error one back which i did so they can destroy it and make a new one. For them to make a new one takes way much longer (2 months) than to just issue one.