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Can I work on Pre-OPT till I get Post-OPT?

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  • Can I work on Pre-OPT till I get Post-OPT?

    Hi, I have graduated from XYZ School. While I was studying Masters I applied for Pre-OPT and now I have finished my Masters. I had 1 year Pre-OPT and now I am left with 3 months Pre-OPT. I am eligible for STEM extension for 17 months
    1. I want to apply for Post OPT but my university says that I have to cancel the Pre OPT to apply for Post OPT
    2. When I talk to USCIS they said I should apply for new I765 form then Pre OPT gets canceled automatically when new case gets registered.
    3. After applying to USCIS could I work on Pre-OPT till I get Post-OPT card?
    4.when I ask university to give me I20 for Post OPT, they said they cannot issue I20 and they ask me to apply with out I20. I don't know if USCIS will take my application without I20?

    This was posted on on Nov 5th 2013

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    Contact DSO this is what I think and make sure they give you all information...


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      6.6.If a student receives an EAD for 12 months of pre- completion OPT but finishes his or her course of
      study early, can the student continue to use the EAD issued for pre-completion OPT after the program end date?

      No. The EAD was issued for pre-completion OPT. Accordingly, the EAD is only valid for OPT prior to the program end date. The student would have to stop working on or before the program end date and file a separate application for post-completion OPT.

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        5.7.Can a student file for combined pre-completion OPT and post-completion OPT?

        No, the regulatory provisions differentiate between pre-and post-completion OPT in the application process and in the requirements for maintaining employment. SEVIS has been updated to support this revision. DSOs should ensure that the employment end date for pre-completion OPT is on or before the student’s program end date.

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          -Your pre-completion practical training is approved until the date you provide for your graduation. If you later decide to graduate earlier than this date, your pre-completion practical training automatically ends on this earlier graduation date.
          -Any employment requested prior to graduation cannot continue after completion of studies, even if it appears that the student has a valid EAD.
          -Employment which continues after completion of studies must be based on post-completion OPT. However, you should NOT apply for post-OPT with dates that overlap with pre-OPT as your application will be denied.