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OPT Extension- Review since 4 months?

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  • OPT Extension- Review since 4 months?

    Hi, I have applied for my OPT Extension. Its been over 4 months and still it shows under initial review and its with California service center.
    -I have applied for my OPT Extension on June 17th and OPT Expired on July 17th.
    -My visa is getting expired in Dec 2013. I tried calling them they told that its under review.

    1. Can you please tell me what are my options?
    2. How do i need to proceed from here on? Thanks in advance

    This was posted on on Nov 5th 2013

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    Hi... mine was same case too I applied one month before it took me more than 5 months we have to wait until the status change in USCIS site.. it is better to submit 2-3 months before..


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      Nothing other than waiting ..