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  • OPT STEM Extension RFE

    I have received RFE for my STEM extension. can anyone help me.

    i have received rfe to provide my employment history with start dates and end dates and pay stubs and w-2.My opt approved on Sep 26,2012 and i have updated my xyz employer details in university on Oct 1,2012.I am with this employer until Jan18,2013. xyz employer has provided me an offer letter which states that minimum compensation is $XY and i have included this offer letter when i applied for my stem extension. During this time i dont have any pay stubs because i was in training.
    can anyone help me how to respond to rfe

    I have pay stubs Jan 23,2013-present with different employers.

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    Can any body please reply to this question.Now my xyz employer is saying that he cannot provide the employment verification letter that i was a trainee with him because he already gave me an offer letter stating minimum $XY /hr.what else can i do in this situation?


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      DesiOPT is collaborating with group of attorneys. You can contact them directly via email/ phone. Initial Consult is Free. Their information is listed on home page.
      we are providing direct links as well, please let us know your feedback after the call